Reef test piece

Reef test piece

Co-de-iT (design team: Alessio ErioliAlessandro Zomparelli,  Tommaso CasucciAndrea Graziano) + NYXO (Mirko Daneluzzo), Mirco Bianchini for D-Shape

Several locations


As a necessary step further for the Reefs project, a test phase is required. In order to implement it, our team (Co-de-iT + NYXO) designed a test piece to be placed underwater for monitoring of several variables:

. mechanical resistance of the material to undercurrent erosion
. colonization process over time

The piece was designed constraining the 3D anisotropic Reaction-Diffusion process to a few design principles:

. a tripod shape to improve stability to undercurrents
. a gradient of cavity size to provide a heterogenous space for colonization


Reef test piece generation

The final piece bounding box was constrained by maximum transportation size.

Reef test piece tech sheet

You can also navigate the piece in 3D:

On May 18th, 2013 we went to D-Shape facility in Pisa to assist in the final extraction of the piece from the sand heap resulting from the finished printing process

Reef test piece de-dusting team

The de-dusting team. Left to right: Filippo Nassetti, Alessandro Zomparelli, Alessio Erioli.

Reef test piece de-dusting in progress

Reef test piece de-dusting in progress

Reef test piece printed

Reef test piece printed

The Reef test piece after sand removal.

The piece will be exhibited next October 4-6 in Rome for Maker Faire Rome.

All photos in this article are by Filippo Nassetti for Co-de-iT (© all rights reserved – used under permission).


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