rhinoscript code

. a collection of scripts & scripted tools in RhinoScript for Rhinoceros.



Creates tomographic sections and orients them on the XY plane (useful for fabrication with layering technique). The package contains the .rhp plug-in (works in Rhinoceros v.4 & v.5) and a pdf with a short step-by-step user guide.

ContouRapid_Rhinoplugin_Co-de-iT < Rhinoceros plug-in (for Rhinoceros v.4 & v.5)

Gradient Descent algorithm.

Generate two versions ( normal and rotated) of a Gradient Descent Algorithm on a surface.

Gradient Descent algorithm_Co-de-iT-RH5 <Rhino5 64bit VBscript( for Rhinoceros v.5)

Convert annotation dots.

Convert annotation dots in Annotation Dots+coordinate points or Text Labels and much more.

Convert annotation dots_Co-de-iT-RH4< Rhino4 VBscript (for Rhinoceros v.4 sr7)