informed skins | data-driven envelopes -  GH workshop - Vienna

informed skins | data-driven envelopes – GH workshop – Vienna

The workshop aims at managing and develop the relation between information and geometry working on condition-specific envelope systems. Surface discretization (paneling), driving geometry through information (whether coming from environmental analysis or any kind of database), extracting and managing informations for construction processes all require an understanding of data structures in order to build seamless design-to-construction pipelines. Through visual scripting in Grasshopper (Generative modeling plug-in for Rhinoceros) participants will learn how to build and develop parametric data structures (from basic simple lists to complex data trees), data-driven geometry and envelopes and how to extract relevant informations from such models for construction processes. Participants will also develop a personal envelope project and its full design-to-construction pipeline.

Vienna, Austria


informed skins | data-driven envelopes –  Grasshopper workshop


– Lecture: “Data Obsession” – computational designer as a new professional profile and the role of information and complexity in contemporary architecture

– Software interface
– Components
– Lists & Data Tree: management, manipulation, visualization
– Geometry generation from data stream
– Base exercises (Box morph, Image sampler, Floor sections, Attractor field, Multisection Pipe, Paneling)
– Advanced exercise: Data-reactive component – data-reactive tessellation on NURBS surface. Data coming from environmental analysis or spreadsheet table
– Advanced exercise: Data extraction from previous tessellation, visualization and storage in spreadsheets.
– Advanced exercise: geometry optimization for construction

[.]Software & skills:

Basic modeling skills in Rhino are required. Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software (software download links will be given after subscription).


Alessio Erioli + Andrea Graziano – Co-de-iT (GH & design tutors).


The workshop venue will be:

Polycollege Wien

Johannagasse 2

1050 Wien

[.]Calendar & Timetable:

The workshop will have the following timetable throughout all the 4 days:
9:00-13:00 lesson+tutoring
14:00-17:00 lesson+tutoring

[.]Subscription fees:

For participants who register before 30/08/2012 we offer a EARLY BIRD fees

E.B. – educational* : € 320 + VAT
E.B. – professional: € 390 + VAT

after 30/08/2012 will be in place the STANDARD fees:

STANDARD fees – educational* : € 390 + VAT
STANDARD fees – professional: € 490 + VAT

* students, teachers, researchers & PhD (proof of status required).

The deadline for registration is  06/09/2012;  The workshop has a maximum of  30 places available and will be activated with a minimum number of 15 partecipants.


To register please fill this FORM and send it via e-mail to: or

[.] Organized by:

This workshop is organized by Co-de-iT in collaboration with: – Architecture from a digital point of view

KKKC – Mediaware trading GmbH