Spectrum {embodiments} - Processing ws @ pro/to/e/co/logics - CANCELED

Spectrum {embodiments} – Processing ws @ pro/to/e/co/logics – CANCELED

Agency, embodiment, hierarchies.

The more we explore the architecture of matter, the more what we get looks more and more like information; yet, information needs a body in order to express itself as such. Architecture starts when the embodiment process takes place, from the set of relations that define a system, by defining relations among independent objects (which, in turn, are information systems on a finer scale). By coding the behavioral rules of interacting autonomous agents and topological manifolds, emergent hierarchies and differentiated yet coherently related spatial and geometric conditions flourish forming a spectrum (a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum), with a cascade of local symmetries, gradients and singularities emerging from pure information systems.

The workshop will speculate through codes written in Processing on autonomy of form and the relation among behavioral rules and morphogenesis. Rather than trying to reductively solve dualities like autonomy/dependency, whole/parts, heterogeneity/homogeneity the workshop aims to exploit them as a fuel for dynamic, competitive or collaborative creation of higher complexity and the source of a spectrum of possibilities in finding novel seeable forms with no precedents.

We will write our own unconventional programming strategies in the scripting- framework Processing.


Rovinj – Hotel Lone

Spectrum {embodiments} –  Processing workshop
proto/e/co/logics – Rovinj _ 27-31.08.2012
Tutors: Alessio Erioli, Tommaso Casucci, Alessandro Zomparelli



Workshop is canceled.




Alessio Erioli, Tommaso Casucci, Alessandro Zomparelli




Co-de-iT – Computational design Italy – www.co-de-it.com

a collaboration between Co-de-iT and MLAUS / proto/e/co/logics

price 150 €


information & registration  info@mlaus.net – MLAUS


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