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Alessio Erioli, Andrea Graziano + Bruno Demasi

Volvera (To) – 44°56’29.04″N, 7°30’46.34″E



“Bosco” is the first collaboration with ceramic artist Bruno Demasi. The vases were parametrically designed in Grasshopper starting with the general surface and then digging into more articulated detail through its intrinsic geometry parameters. Adding the qualities of a material system (ceramics and/or styrene on smooth and subdivided versions of the surface, but also a simple plywood ribs system on the smooth version) the starting form takes on further qualities that enhance the barren smoothness of its digital representation.
Our reference for a definition of ornament has its source into Sir John Summerson’s “surface modulation”, and we refer to the term as the condition by which morphologies attain articulation and differentiation.
Our interest in this exploration is twofold:
. identity of process and not of product: parametric design focuses on the process rather than a single object per se. This allows thinking in terms of families of unique and specific objects that are derived from the same process (as minimal variations in one or more parameters can produce substantial changes in the morphology)
. digital-material relation: the introduction of material systems in the design process integrates the digital version with new qualities rather than compromising it