ITERATIVE PROTOCOLS - Processing workshop - Vienna

ITERATIVE PROTOCOLS – Processing workshop – Vienna

Iterative Protocols is thought as an introduction to generative design through Processing, Open-source programming environment supported by GNU/Linux, Mac OSX and Window operating systems. The aim is to provide a comprehension of non linear systems and how complexity can emerge from very simple initial rules. We will scrutinize how, through OOP paradigm it is possible to access and generate an aesthetic (as morphology and communication) of emergent complexity through the coordinated interaction of simple rulesets. Starting from basic interacting geometric elements up to Cellular Automata and agent systems.

Processing is a programming language based on Java, from which it inherits syntax, commands and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm, while on top of that providing many high-level functions that allow to easily manage graphic and multimedia within it. The simplicity of the programming environment, the wide range of libraries available to expand its functionalities and its high execution speed have made Processing the weapon of choice to access dynamic simulation of complex system through continuous feedback processes, iterations and recursions.

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Alessandro Zomparelli ( Co-de-it)


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Iterative Protocols