inFORMed matter - GH ws - PARIS - 6-8 Mar 2015

inFORMed matter – GH ws – PARIS – 6-8 Mar 2015

inFORMed matter
intermediate grasshopper workshop
6-8 March 2015

[.] Brief
The space in which we live can be monitored in many aspects and it appears as a flux, a gradient of data in continuous evolution. Our understanding of surrounding environment is improving every day due to our ability to scan and sample the environment around us at increasing resolution using better technologies and sensors. Thus the space is revealed as a ever changing data field and our cap-ability to act and design the space itself can be enhanced by the use of tools able to inform better the design processes with more accurate, specific and variable, in space and time, data streams.

INFORMED MATTER is an intermediate Grasshopper workshop about “data embodiment strategies” and advanced mesh modeling techniques.
Grasshopper is actually a powerful information processor that provides the basis to develop possible strategies to inFORM digital matter morphologies by specific set of data conditions.

The workshop focuses on integrating information processing into digital systems to enable the formation of structures, from the very simple up to more complex ones. The aim is to give an understanding of information and data articulation as a spatial and architectural operation. Results may range from pure data strategies design to data-driven geometries depending on the skill levels and aspirations of each participant. The brief is also open to the suggestions and opportunities that may rise during the workflow.

[.] Software & Skills
Basic modeling skills in Rhino3D and Grasshopper (Grasshopper Primer level) are required.
Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software (detailed information will be given after subscription).

A fully functional evaluation version of the software can be downloaded at the following links:
Rhino 5 –
Grasshopper (latest version) –
During the workshop the following plugins will be used :
MeshEdit, WeaverBird, Lunchbox, Starling, Nudibranch, Anemone, Marching Cubes

[.] Calendar & Timetable:
6,7,8 March 2015
The daily timetable is: Morning 10-13 + Afternoon 14-18 (coffee breaks included).

[.] Tutor
Andrea Graziano – Co-de-iT

[.] Curator
Francesco Cingolani

[.] Organizers & Partners
The Workshop is organized by IMMAGINOTECA STUDIO in collaboration with Co-de-iT via the WE WORKSHOP platform created by Francesco Cingolani. Phillip Shapiro from Cadlantinque is the official administration partner for the workshop. Noumena Architecture is the official media partner of the workshop.

[.] Languages
English will be the main language of the workshop, but organizers speak fluently Italian, Spanish and French.

[.] Venue
Paris. Details will be defined.

[.] Registration Fees
Who offer reduced Early Birds fees for participants who register before 31/01/2015 (included).
Prices will rise up after this day.

TVA may apply depending on your invoicing address : please contact us for further details.

EARLY BIRD EDUCATIONAL >> 259€ – Only for students, teachers, researchers & PhD (proof of status required).

Registration are now open (deadline: 24/02/2015).
The workshop has a maximum of 20 places available and will be activated with a minimum number of 15 participants.

If you want to apply for the workshop, please fill the form here.
You will then receive further information and payment instructions.

For any question, you can  contact Francesco Cingolani –