CTRL . SHIFT - Grasshopper + Processing workshop - Vienna

CTRL . SHIFT – Grasshopper + Processing workshop – Vienna

The workshop explores the manifold relations of creativity and control in computational design. The availability of increasingly complex and sophisticated tools shifts how control and sensibility are exerted and deployed within the design process. A new computational craft is required, one that allows the embedding in computational simulation of matter and agency so that ideas propagate in a deeper ecology with degrees of autonomy that provide complex feedbacks. Objects and systems are not anymore simple assemblages of static parts but are generated from the interrelations of other complex objects within ecologies. The designer is not just merely using tools rather establishing a loop dialogue with their creative and autonomous possibilities: questioning their capacity and extension, evaluating and empathizing with the result that in turn allow configuring and being configured by them continuously.

We will explore matter and agency behaviors through Grasshopper (with Millipede plugin) and Processing, interrogating the aesthetic potential of Topology Optimization and Multi-Agent Systems.

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. detailed schedule

. application & fees

CTRL.SHIFT – the Control Shift in computational design

Grasshopper + Processing workshop

Vienna, Austria

[.]Software & skills:

Basic modeling skills in Rhino and Grasshopper [Primer level] are required.
No specific Processing skills are required (although an introductory knowledge of programming logic is welcome).
Participants should bring their own laptop with pre-installed software (software download links will be given after subscription).


Alessio Erioli + Andrea Graziano + Alessandro Zomparelli – Co-de-iT.


[update] The venue will be at mo.ëThelemangasse 4/1, 1170 Wien

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The daily timetable is:
_ m: morning 9-13 (with coffee break)
<lunch break>
_ a: afternoon 14-18 (with coffee break)

GH: Grasshopper
P5: Processing

[.] day 01
_ m
. workshop introduction
. theory setup & conceptual overview (Discrete models & voxel space, Topology optimization and Soft Kill Option, particle springs)
. GH: reviewing foundation concepts and introduction to Millipede
_ a
. GH: working with Millipede

[.] day 02
_ m
. GH: working with Millipede
_ a
. Object-Oriented Philosophy and Programming – a theory-to-practice brief guide
. P5: introduction
. P5: basic programming paradigms (iteration and control) and algorithms

[.] day 03
_ m
. P5: functions, classes
_ a
. P5: agency and implementation

[.] day 04
_ m
. P5: exercises on agency – swarm behavior exploration
. P5: exercises on agency – influencers, attractors, bundling
_ a
. GH+P5: exercises on design workflow

[.] day 05
_ m
tutored work (project development)
_ a
tutored work (project development)

[.] day 06
_ m
tutored work (project development)
_ a
tutored work (project development)
final presentation

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[.]Subscription fees:

For participants who register before 18/03/2013 we offer EARLY BIRD fees

E.B. – educational*: € 399
E.B. – professional: € 499

after 18/03/2013 will be in place the STANDARD fees:

STANDARD fees – educational*: € 499
STANDARD fees – professional: € 599

* students, teachers, researchers & PhD (proof of status required) or  partecipants of previous Co-de-iT workshops .

The deadline for registration is  25/03/2013; the workshop has a maximum of  30 places available and will be activated with a minimum number of 15 partecipants.


To register please fill this FORM and send it via e-mail to:


[.] Organized by:

This workshop is organized by Co-de-iT in collaboration with:

3d-dreaming.com – Architecture from a digital point of view


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