Milan design week 2013
Sunday, April 14 Co-de-iT will participate at the panel of discussion
‘Advancity. Computational territories within design, art and science’

. what

In recent years, the borders among design, art and science are consistently blurring. The collaboration among these discipline in fringe practices is becoming increasingly more common and necessary for their reciprocal innovation. In these new territories, mathematics, chemistry, biology, architecture, information technology and artistic practices are drawing from each other techniques, strategies and languages within a continuous exchange process based on experimentation. What are the effects of the combination of design, science and information technology? What kind of new perceptions are we going to acquire? Are we able to foresee the influence of digital algorithm in our future daily life? How the new forms of expression and languages resulting from the scientists’ and artists’ task force will look like? A panel of discussion made by key personalities in these fields of practice and research will try to answer these questions.

. who

Alessio Erioli | Researcher, Co-de-iT
Andrea Graziano | Architect, Co-de-iT
Mirco Daneluzzo | Architect, Disguincio & co
Marco Mancuso | Critic, Digicult
Sheref S. Mansy | Biochemist, Living Machine Scientist
Riccardo Mantelli | Software Artist
Alessandro Delfanti | Scientific Journalist / Activist

. where and when

[re]vive | Event
a contemporary factory of culture
@Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 16, Ex Fornace
Zona Tortona | FuoriSalone Milano 2013
Sunday 14 April 2013 – 2 pm

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