Alessandro Mintrone

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Alessandro Mintrone works on computational design, art, architecture, and engineering collaborating with people and machines.


Ianis Lallemand

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Ianis Lallemand is a Paris-based designer and artist. His work investigates the tension and convergence between code and matter, at the intersection of computation, data-driven design and digital manufacturing. He holds a MSc in Engineering from Université Paris 6 and a PhD in Design from the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) / PSL Research University.


Marco Palma


Marco is an architect with interests in computation, fabrication and material behaviors.


Tommaso Casucci

synth-e-tech morphologiesFacebookTwitter , GrasshopperLinkedin

Tommaso is an Architect and Designer, Florence.


Bruno Demasi


Ceramic artist, artisan & dig-fab man based in Bruino (TO).


Alessandro Zomparelli

MHOX Designsketches[of]codeFacebookTwitter, Linkedin

Partner and lead designer at MHOX Design. He is based in Modena.

Alberto Casarotto

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Alberto Casarotto is an architect with an interest in computational tools and digital fabrication.

Michele Semeghini

Michele Semeghini


Michele studies at the University of Bologna, Master Course in Building Engineering and Architecture.


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