BIO EX-MACHINA @ La Fabrique du Vivant

BIO EX-MACHINA @ La Fabrique du Vivant

The BIO EX-MACHINA research project, developed in collaboration with Officina Corpuscoli, was included in the exhibition La Fabrique du Vivant – «Mutations / Créations 3», running at Centre Pompidou in Paris from February 20 until April 15, 2019.

All Photos by Maurizio Montalti – Officina Corpuscoli

The exhibited samples are part of our experiments made to explore and understand the range of relations that build up during the process that goes from the properties of the shape, their interpretation by the robotic arm behaviour, material behaviour during and after the deposition, and mycelium colonization over time. For the full project details check the BIO EX-MACHINA research project article.

Check also the exhibition Dossier, p.12

Here below is a short video of the first batch of material tests, from the initial failures to a more stable and promising result.