Talks, lectures, and discussion in which we took part (but not necessarily proud of).

LDB – Laboratori Dal Basso – 2014 – Andrea Graziano

Reshape Interview 2015 – Alessio Erioli

Rese-ARCH Meetup 2015 – Alessio Erioli

Source Firenze 2016 – Andrea Graziano

Simposio #4 – 2018 – Andrea Graziano

IAAC GSS Debate // Computation

LIVE NOW! Join the 1st GSS Debate // Computation, led by IAAC Moderators and a panel of Experts discussing on how digital intelligences can inform design solutions. #iaacgss20 #gsslivedebate #summerschool

Pubblicato da IAAC > Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia su Mercoledì 8 luglio 2020

IaaC GSS 2020 debate – Computation

Alessio Erioli, Mahtilde Marengo, Kathy Velikov, Philippe Morel, Aldo Sollazzo, Rodrigo Aguirre.