Pheromonics 2.0 - P5 ws Vienna

Pheromonics 2.0 – P5 ws Vienna

Processing workshop
Vienna 02-05.05.2017
info and applications

[.] brief

Stigmergy is a process of indirect coordination in a system, enacted by sharing information through a medium in order to stimulate the performance of the next action. Subsequent actions reinforce or dissipate the emergence of patterns of self-organization in the system. The workshop will explore the potential of such self-organizing process in the formation of coherent tectonics, encapsulating procedural logics in the constituent elements of the system and reversing the typical subsidiarity of detail as a derivative of the global scale. Oscillating between modeling conditions and boundaries and programming agent-based behaviors with focus on stigmergy and feedback, the workflow aims to convey dynamics of formation and simple initial geometries in coherent complex tectonics.
The core of the workshop will be developed in Processing, also exchanging data with Rhinoceros and Grasshopper.
A minimum of mesh 3D modeling capacity (especially meshes – in Rhinoceros or other modeler) is required, a basic understanding of Grasshopper is desirable.

[.] schedule

day 01 – introductory lecture/tutorials (basics of Processing, recalls of GH)
day 02 – tutorials (workflow walkthrough) / tutored work
day 03 – tutored work on project / pin up
day 04 – tutored work / presentations / final party

[.] expected outcomes

video presentation / images / diagrams / animations / fabrication

[.] tutors

Alessio Erioli
Jan Pernecky

[.] assistance

Eva Tucek
Eva Blšáková

[.] info and applications

The workshop is a Co-de-iT + Mostlikely FabLab + rese arch collaboration.