. froGH

Ah… that should have been “for GH” but we’re so lazy that we misspelled and didn’t bother correcting.
Anyway, here’s a collection of mixed-purpose user objects for Grasshopper – given “as is” (no warranty, no support) – use at your own risk (but know that we use them too… so they shouldn’t explode at least).

froGH panel

. Description

froGH is a sparse collection of user objects (some clusters and some C# coded components) born out of necessity or play in our daily Grasshopper experience. You might find them useful (or not). This repo is intended mainly for us, in order to make a more systematic collection, but meanwhile… why not share the code?

Again: no support is given so use at your own risk and understanding. If you mess things up using froGH, you’re on your own.

On the other hand, if you have any ideas on how to improve things, please let us know at info[at] – and feel free to improve upon yourself, but play nice and give proper attribution (see license).

Info and installation on the project’s gitHub page

You can find it also on our Grasshopper code page.

froGH by Co-de-iT is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Some of the code is from the amazing people in the Grasshopper community: David Rutten (the man himself), Giulio Piacentino (yeah, that other man), James Ramsden and Peter Fotiadis – these people are all named where their code was used in the various components. If you are one of them and think we did you a disservice, let us know how to attribute properly to you! Other than that…. the rest of the code is by us at Co-de-iT.

Co-de-iT 2017 –


photo (c) Darwin Wigget